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The Midway is Back!

 Midway "sneak peek" Friday September 30 at 5 pm!  Open all weekend at Pumpkinfest Village!

Locals are invited to a "sneak peek"  on Friday evening - please enter on Mill Street by the Post Office.  Closes at 10pm.  **Friday night only $30 for unlimited rides or regular price per ticket


The Midway will be open to the public inside Pumpkinfest village on Saturday and Sunday.  There is a "quiet time" on Sunday from 11am to 1pm for those attendees that find all the noise and whistles distracting or discomforting.

Midway regular tickets: 

16 tickets $30.00
36 tickets $60.00
Small Rides 2 tickets each
Big rides 3 tickets


Be sure to thank our sponsor of this attraction - Shankar Law Offices!

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