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Pumpkinfest is proud to partner with Port Elgin Home Hardware to present a Spring "Grow With Us" promotion to encourage gardeners of all ages and caliber  to join in the fun of growing a garden - whether a GIANT or just a small vegetable garden; we want to help by supplying a free growers package and advice.

We also want to follow your progress from seedling to harvest!  We are asking all registrants to upload photos to this page throughout the growing season.  Family, youth, groups & teams are welcomed to show off their efforts. Weird and wacky is also encouraged!  Zuccini in a bottle, square watermelon, a carrot that looks like Elvis - we want to see it all.

Haven't registered but want to join in the fun?  Email us at    and/or submit your photo(s) below 

Registrants will have their own special category to enter.  Prizes will be awarded at our October 2nd Sunday weigh off in this special "Grow with Us" category.

Some pics from our "Grow with Us participants!   UPLOAD YOUR PICTURES BELOW!  Once approved they will show up in the gallery.