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Weighoff Results

To learn the winners of our special awards such as the Howard Dill Award and the Fred Wuerth Memorial Award, please click here

**NOTE: 2020 data.  There was a  mix up in Mangel Wurzel "special" category.  It has been clarified and adjusted. Our apologies!

Saturday Weighoff results for 2020

CategoryNameCity, Prov/StateResult
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1.Hunt / Lyons, Phil & Jane / ChrisCameron, ON1939.50 lbs.
2.Matesa, JohnBreslau, ON1897.00 lbs.
3.MacKenzie, Bob & ElaineTiverton, ON1812.5 lbs.
4.Warner, JeffEnglehart, ON1760.00 lbs.
5.Kline, ToddShawville, QC1661.00 lbs.
6.Clark, JimBlenheim, ON1439.50 lbs.
7.Farrell, TravisCaledon, ON1310.00 lbs.
8.Wray, Ron & AaronSimcoe, ON1289.00 lbs.
9.Hain, FredLondon, ON1176.50 lbs.
10.Jongeneel, JasonSimcoe, ON1165.00 lbs.
11.Kyle, NormanEnnismore, ON1062.50 lbs.
12.Rodger, ColtonAuburn, ON1053.50 lbs.
13.Jarvis, JoelSt. Thomas, ON1048.50 lbs.
14.Hoogendoorn, NathanClinton, ON1027.00 lbs.
15.McCallum, DaveHanover, Ontario952.50 lbs.
16.Court, DougPort Elgin, ON855.00 lbs.
17.Giffen, RalphSpringwater, ON828.50 lbs.
18.Dettweiler, PaulMaryhill, ON824.50 lbs.
19.Lovett, CraigGoderich, ON759.00 lbs.
20.Golden, JimmyTilden Lake, ON755.00 lbs.
21.Ashton, CourtneyPaisley, ON722.00 lbs.
22.Giffen, JosephSpringwater, ON708.00 lbs.
23.Veenstra, ChrisSpringwater, ON676.00 lbs.
24.Watson, BenKomoka, ON561.00 lbs.
25.Bourne, LonniePetrolia, ON494.00 lbs.
26.Pollock, MarkKincardine, ON422.50 lbs.
27.Coltman, AnnieMinden, ON301.00 lbs.
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1.Kline, ToddShawville, QC1288.00 lbs.
2.Wray, Ron & AaronSimcoe, ON1277.00 lbs.
3.Jarvis, JoelSt. Thomas, ON1123.50 lbs.
4.Jarvis, KristineSt. Thomas, ON1105.00 lbs.
5.Clark, JimBlenheim, ON1069.00 lbs.
6.Farrell, TravisCaledon, ON809.50 lbs.
7.Court, DougPort Elgin, ON785.50 lbs.
8.Ashton, CourtneyPaisley, ON700.00 lbs.
9.Court, LouisePort Elgin, ON673.00 lbs.
10.McCallum, DaveHanover, Ontario661.50 lbs.
11.Warner, JeffEnglehart, ON634.00 lbs.
12.Giffen, RalphSpringwater, ON608.50 lbs.
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1.Pollock, MarkKincardine, ON124.50 lbs.
2.Jongeneel, JasonSimcoe, ON113.00 lbs.
3.Kline, ToddShawville, QC101.50 lbs.
4.Welsh, CherylShawville, QC79.00 lbs.
5.Warner, JeffEnglehart, ON54.22 lbs.
6.Ashton, CourtneyPaisley, ON48.66 lbs.
7.Court, DougPort Elgin, ON44.24 lbs.
Field Pumpkin
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1.Warner, JeffEnglehart, ON114.50 lbs.
2.Court, DougPort Elgin, ON112.50 lbs.
3.Giffen, RalphSpringwater, ON95.50 lbs.
4.Ashton, CourtneyPaisley, ON92.80 lbs.
5.Court, LouisePort Elgin, ON88.00 lbs.
6.Kline, ToddShawville, QC86.50 lbs.
7.McCallum, DaveHanover, Ontario78.00 lbs.
8.Veenstra, ChrisSpringwater, ON68.28 lbs.
9.Farrell, TravisCaledon, ON44.02 lbs.
10.Jongeneel, JasonSimcoe, ON31.34 lbs.
Long Gourd
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1.Kline, ToddShawville, QC122.50 lbs.
2.Kyle, NormanEnnismore, ON111.50 in.
3.Warner, JeffEnglehart, ON101.00 in.
4.Jarvis, JoelSt. Thomas, ON74.00 in.
5.Court, DougPort Elgin, ON15.00 in.
6.Ashton, CourtneyPaisley, ON10.00 in.
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1.MacKenzie, Bob & ElaineTiverton, ON46.5 lbs.
2.Warner, JeffEnglehart, ON40.27 lbs.
3.Jarvis, KristineSt. Thomas, ON17.28 lbs.
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1.Lyons, ChrisScarborough, ON6.76 lbs.
2.Court, DougPort Elgin, ON6.68 lbs.
3.Warner, JeffEnglehart, ON6.34 lbs.
4.Kyle, NormanEnnismore, ON5.06 lbs.
5.Hunt, Philip & JaneCameron, ON4.36 lbs.
6.Kline, ToddShawville, QC4.32 lbs.
7.Ashton, CourtneyPaisley, ON3.82 lbs.
8.Court, LouisePort Elgin, ON3.62 lbs.
9.Hain, FredLondon, ON2.44 lbs.
10.McCallum, DaveHanover, Ontario2.18 lbs.
11.Farrell, TravisCaledon, ON1.94 lbs.
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1.Kyle, NormanEnnismore, ON240.50 in.
2.Jacobi, AndySouthampton, ON140.5 in.
Bushel Gourd
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1.Giffen, JosephSpringwater, ON249.50 lbs.
2.Warner, JeffEnglehart, ON248.00 lbs.
3.Court, DougPort Elgin, ON199.00 lbs.
4.Kline, ToddShawville, QC172.50 lbs.
5.Ashton, CourtneyPaisley, ON162.00 lbs.
6.Court, LouisePort Elgin, ON159.00 lbs.
7.Farrell, TravisCaledon, ON77.78 lbs.
Special: Mangel Wurzel
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1.Lyons, ChrisScarborough, ON60.38 lbs.
2.Hunt, Philip & JaneCameron, ON38.96 lbs.
3.Kyle, NormanEnnismore, ON26.42 lbs.
4.MacKenzie, Bob & ElaineTiverton, ON23.96 lbs.
5.Bourne, LonniePetrolia, ON17.16 lbs.
6.Giffen, RalphSpringwater, ON16.08 lbs.
7.Mensher, DavePort Elgin, ON11.24 lbs.
8.Giffen, JosephSpringwater, ON3.52 lbs.
9.Veenstra, ChrisSpringwater, ON2.22 lbs.
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MarrowKyle, NormanEnnismore, ON112.00 lbs.
MarrowKline, ToddShawville, QC81.50 lbs.
MarrowCourt, DougPort Elgin, ON73.12 lbs.
RutabagaBourne, LonniePetrolia, ON61.22 lbs.
MarrowMcCallum, DaveHanover, Ontario59.50 lbs.
MarrowCourt, LouisePort Elgin, ON48.90 lbs.
MarrowAshton, CourtneyPaisley, ON44.76 lbs.
KohlrabiBourne, LonniePetrolia, ON34.86 lbs.
KohlrabiLyons, ChrisScarborough, ON24.46 lbs.
PepperHain, FredLondon, ON1.02 lbs.